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Nursing Balm is a must-have for breastfeeding mamas who need to soothe and heal cracked, tender skin. Even with an ideal latch, breastfeeding will leave nipples sore and in need of a little extra care. This nursing balm reduces inflammation, speeds healing, and protects sensitive skin. It's non-sticky and lanolin-free, so it applies easily and absorbs quickly. No need to wash it off before feeding because it's organic ingredients are safe and gentle for both mom and baby.  It also makes a fantastic lip balm and is a great moisturizer for chapped cheeks/skin. 



Ingredients: Love, Coconut Oil,* Olive Oil,*  and Shea Butter infused with Calendula* and Chamomile* Flowers, Comfrey Root,* Beeswax, Reiki.  (2 oz. tin)           *Certified Organic


Nursing Balm

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